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Scott worked with me as a recruiter recently, connecting me to an amazing job I thoroughly enjoyed and allowed me to fully use my skillset and work with people around the globe. That’s not why I’m writing this.

Over my many years in IT, I have been approached by dozens and dozens of recruiters and none (so far) are at the same level as Scott. I always knew that he was working for me, to find what was best for me, and to ensure I was happy with the process as well as the position he helped me to secure.

Unfortunately the position ended due to a reduction in force as a result of Covid. However, throughout my time working with the company, Scott stayed in contact with me making sure things were going well. When I was laid off, he contacted me before I had the chance to tell him, just to check in on how I was doing.

If you’ve been burned by recruiters or feel like there aren’t any out there that will stick with you, you should definitely give Scott a chance; he will change your opinion.

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