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Meet Robin

Robin is our chatbot, powered by GPT-3.5, and she is here to assist you in real-time. Whether you have questions about the job search process, need specific advice on applications or interviews, or simply want to explore additional resources, feel free to engage with our chatbot. You can ask her anything to help you find out more about how to use our services, and how to secure your next job or contract in the digital event industry. Below are a few examples of prompts you can try, but really you can ask Robin anything!
  1. “Can you provide tips on researching job opportunities in the digital events industry?”
  2. “What are the key things to consider when researching a job and its implications?”
  3. “How can I enhance my application for a digital events industry job?”
  4. “What are some common interview questions for digital events industry roles?”
  5. “Can you recommend any resources on interview preparation?”
Just click or tap on her face to get started!

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