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Case Study Webinar Experts Support

The Challenge for 

Webinar Experts work with all webinar platforms and as such need access to talented webcast managers and webcast delivery experts to ensure the webinars are built, managed, and delivered to the client’s guidelines, and in line with Webinar Experts own promises and guarantees.

The challenge is to find and bring onboard external contractors to build and manage such projects as part of the Webinar Experts team on a project by project basis.

The Solution

Because our contractors work with a range of webinar platforms, we are able to provide contractors to build and manage webinars as required, in a range of languages and timezones as per the client’s requests.

Our team is trained to Webinar Expert’s standards and work as part of the delivery team as and when needed.

The Result

With happy clients and itemized billing for contractors, Webinar Experts are able to use our team as and when needed, for both ad hoc and rolling contract projects.

Recently, we have expanded the service to offer webinar managers and monitors in different languages.

What Can We Do For You?

At Zest City, we recruit and train within the Digital Events Industry, full time, freelancers and – as you have just read – placing teams.

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