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Case Study ON24 Audience Support

The Challenge for 

ON24 wanted the option to upsell audience support to their clients and to be able to deliver support packages at short notice, at any time for client webinars and virtual events.

The challenge was that support would need to be flexible enough to allow for multilingual where clients put in such requests, without requiring extensive admin to book and manage the support.

How do you cost-effectively train and manage audience support for a wide range of event types and durations, in multiple time zones, often running events simultaneously?

How do you ensure they are delivered correctly, billed effectively and tracked so the sales team can sell it with confidence?

The Solution

We provided a range of options to choose from, including in house training and management support, open book (where the client books our contractors as and when needed) and done for you (we get emailed the event details and chose the support required based n agreed audience sizes)

The client went with the latter, and we immediately got together a team around the globe who could offer audience support 24/7 without forcing anyone to work long hard shifts and ensuring good handovers for each team.


Updating the Salesforce records after events, reporting each day including screenshots of each login and logout, we were able to deliver support to the client as and when needed (email, phone or email and phone) demonstrate accurate billing and ensure we could support events in a range of languages, be they small, niche audience webinars or 10,000+ attendee multi-location virtual events.

The Result

ON24 reported happy clients, minimal admin to manage the support packages and key team members were able to focus on webinar and virtual event delivery, confident that audience support was in good hands. 12 years on we are still here, managing support for ON24’s blue chip clients around the globe.

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