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Case Study 6Connex HelpDesk

The Challenge for

At the height of the challenges that COVID brought, 6CONNEX was increasingly busy, and booking and managing Help Desk Support was increasingly taking up time for Senior CSMs.

We had been consulting and recruiting for 6Connex for some time, and suggested that we could manage the Help Desk for them.

Calander management can be frustrating and time-consuming, and we offered to take the headache away, offering a managed “done for you” client service.

Helpdesk Recruitment Case Study - Zest City
Helpdesk Recruitment Case Study - Zest City-digital media

The Solution

We needed to provide a done for you service that covered the 3 main pressure points;

  1. Help the clients in a way that lets them know they are cared for.
  2. Manage the Help Desk booking admin including itemized invoicing, so that all events were accounted for with minimal management from CSMs; freeing their time to focus on Client Virtual Event delivery.
  3. Ensuring every event was covered with a dedicated HelpDesk Manager to work with the Project Manager and the client, ensuring a smooth and successful event.

Every event needed manning start to finish, with the Help Desk team needing training on how the events would work, the specifics for each event, the project management team, and the communication lines to follow.

The Result

We set a target of 3 months to learn this to the level where we could manage the Help Desk exclusively for 6Connex, but were ready and running in just 6 weeks.

The result was the Help Desk was able to manage projects day and night, week days and weekends, covering anything up to 28 concurrent events, working around the clock with dedicated Help Desk Managers working shifts to cover all events without fatigue.

What Can We Do For You?

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