SEO Writing Tips: 6 Ways to Optimise Your Blog Posts

There are ways to make your pieces search optimised, so your company may have better chances to rank highly while giving helpful tips to your target customers. Be sure to have these basic ideas on point, so you can optimise your blog:

  1. Use keywords as your blog’s main topic.seo-2-1241936
  2. The target search words must be in the title and first few headings.
  3. The keywords’ order of appearance must be mentioned based on their hierarchy.
  4. Interlink your previous posts within the blog you’re writing.
  5. Customise your URLs in a way, which includes your top key words
  6. Include your target search words in your image files.

These tried, tested and proven methods should give your blog posts a better chance of getting read and being helpful to their readers, so try them out today.

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