SEO Tools to Improve Your Site

The Essential SEO Tools to Improve Your Site seo tools


SEO tools are used to optimise a blogger’s or business website, diagnose any technical issues and even give you some insights and clues on what your competition is currently doing. By using these all important tools, you can gain leverage against your competitors and understand your visitors better.


Here are some SEO tools that you can use in order to improve your site. You don’t have to worry even if you don’t have any budget because you can easily use these tools completely.


  1. Eyes. No, it’s not something you can download but it’s literally your own eyes. By using one of your most valuable senses, you can completely see the overview of your website. You can view robots.txt, source codes, and even the funnels that your site uses for it to work completely.
  2. Screaming Frog. This is one of the most recommended SEO tools because it can be completely free, but the paid version would give you more features. It can be easily downloaded to your MAC or PC and can spider things like CSS, images and links. You can also export meta descriptions, URLs, page title and so much more.
  3. Majestic SEO. It offers a certain set of tools that can lets you track and analyse the domains that you have in great detail. It has site explorer that lets you drive into any URL, keyword checker lets you check any phrases or keywords to know its search volume and allows you to know any backlink history.
  4. Google Analytics. This is one of the most essential SEO tools because it’s completely free and will let you understand your site better from your day-to-day to even year-to-year status and perspective. You can also see which items have traffic spikes and where you visitors actually did in order to get to your site.
  5. SEMrush. This is one of the most recommended SEO tools that will let you know what keywords are competitive that can drive the most traffic. It will also show you the keywords that are paid by your competitors, their traffic data and ranking as well.
  6. Google Webmaster Tools. This SEO tool is completely free and will show you how Google views your website. It can also inform you any 404 pages issues including malware and infections.
  7. SEO Tool Sets. These SEO tools can help you focus on your redirects. It will show you your server header and also detects any redirect. It gives you the issues relating to the performance of your site and any follow-ups.

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