SEO Writing Tips: 6 Ways to Optimise Your Blog Posts

There are ways to make your pieces search optimised, so your company may have better chances to rank highly while giving helpful tips to your target customers. Be sure to have these basic ideas on point, so you can optimise your blog: Use keywords as your blog’s main topic. The target search words must be in the title and first … Read More

Pension Law changes-Auto Enrolment

Everything You Need to Know about Auto Enrolment UK Pension Law has changed. Business owners are now required to automatically enrol certain members of their workforce into a small business pension scheme. Auto-enrolment has been introduced to ensure people will have a sufficient fund when they retire. The employer is now required by law to comply with the new scheme … Read More

What Should I do if My Domain Name is already taken

If the domain name you want for yourself is registered to another business that also has a good claim to use it, then your only option is to find another domain name. But if it is a case of passing off, then the domain law is in your favour. Passing off is when a competitor registers a domain name that … Read More

Must-Try Additions and Changes to Google Plus

Social Media Marketing practitioners have seen a couple of fun changes, which users can explore on GooglePlus. Users can particularly explore the Communities and Collections features.   The Communities feature on includes a group of users, which are bundled based from similar interests. Animal lovers, Clash of Clans fanatics, positive thinking followers and many other niches can now be found … Read More