Converting Leads into Sales

Converting leads into sales One of the most common failures in some business is how one business owner will spend so much time and money in investing on generating leads but will not be able to convert leads into sales. When a business already generated enough lead it is the right time for them to stop generating lead and create … Read More

Drive Business Growth using Social Media

Social Media as a Tool for Small and Medium Enterprises Because of recent economic drawbacks in the United Kingdom, many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) find themselves lacking  business opportunities.Many business tools have been developed to ensure a company’s success — One such tool is social media. Social media is actually a very good method to drive business growth. Embracing the Digital … Read More

Time management tips

Time Management Tips for SME Business Owners   Time management allows individuals to schedule their activities with regards to their importance. Allocating the right amount of time to the right task allows entrepreneurs to maximise the use of their time. Time is a limited resource, and a person can’t afford to waste any of it. Once time is lost, it … Read More

Social media skills

Social Media Skills for Leadership     Social Media offers a lot of opportunity for any business.  It is an ideal platform to connect to the customers and improve your branding by using the most recent and targeted promotion, a reactive customer support. That is why social media in leadership communication should be an essential part of the organisation as this form … Read More