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Website funnelling is the process of guiding website visitors through a predetermined path towards a desired action, such as making a purchase or filling out a form. This process is important in website design and web marketing because it can help increase conversion rates and improve the overall user experience. #webdesign #webmarketing #funneling

By designing a website with a clear and intuitive funnel, visitors are more likely to engage with the site and ultimately take the desired action. This can lead to higher sales and improved customer retention.

To create an effective funnel, it’s important to first identify the desired action and then create a clear path towards that action. This may involve removing unnecessary steps, optimising page layouts, and providing clear calls-to-action.

Overall, website funnelling is an essential component of web design and web marketing, as it can help businesses achieve their goals and improve the user experience. To learn more about website funnelling and its benefits, check out websites like Hubspot.com and Neilpatel.com. #conversionrateoptimisation #userexperience


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