Today, LinkedIn isn’t just a platform for job hunters and professionals looking for networking opportunities. It’s also a robust stage for companies to share their narratives, attract top talent, and showcase their products and services. Yet, are you capitalising on its full potential?

Many of us spend significant time and effort crafting company content for LinkedIn, only to discover it’s hardly getting any traction. But fret not, you’re not alone. The LinkedIn algorithm has evolved substantially in recent years, prompting us to tweak our strategies.

Without further ado, let’s dive into ten top tips to optimise your LinkedIn company page in 2023.

  1. Reshare Company Posts on Your Personal Profile: The structure of LinkedIn leans towards personal connections rather than company page followers. So, ensure that you reshare the content posted on your company page to your personal profile, reaching out to your extensive network of personal connections.
  2. Employee Advocacy is a Must: Encourage your staff to reshare company posts. Each reshare expands the reach of your content and, when accompanied by a personal note, it appears more authentic and resonates better with their networks.
  3. Tag Other Companies: If you’re working collaboratively, mention and tag other companies involved. This not only broadens your content’s reach but invites the tagged companies to engage and potentially reshare your content, thereby amplifying your visibility.
  4. Tag Individuals: Tagging individuals in your posts, be it your staff or collaborators from other companies, boosts your post’s reach and engagement.
  5. Encourage Engagement: Ask your audience questions and invite them to comment on your posts. Genuine engagement drives visibility. However, avoid baiting for engagement in a superficial manner as LinkedIn’s algorithm may mark such attempts as spam.
  6. Consider Post Boosting: Just like Instagram and Facebook, a well-planned budget for post boosting can yield remarkable results on LinkedIn.
  7. Embrace Video Content: Sharing video content grabs attention and can spur engagement. Keep your videos short, concise and avoid talking to the camera; silent browsing is common on LinkedIn.
  8. Consistency is Key: Regular and predictable posting instils trust and reinforces your brand. Try to post at least once a week and ensure to reshare these posts on your personal page for a maximised reach.
  9. Avoid Outbound Links: LinkedIn’s algorithm favours content that keeps users within the platform. External links may penalise your content’s reach. Thus, craft your content to satisfy LinkedIn’s preferences.
  10. Stay Relevant: Regularly update your profile and post meaningful content that adds value for your audience. This is the golden rule for increased engagement and reach. Make the most of the platform’s new features as LinkedIn tends to favour active profiles.

So, What Works Best on LinkedIn in 2023? Authenticity and meaningful engagement remain the winning strategies. Videos, infographics, and thought leadership content prove to be quite effective.

What About the Best Day to Post on LinkedIn? While it varies by industry and audience, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are generally the most productive days to post.

How Long Should a LinkedIn Post Be? For 2023, the sweet spot for LinkedIn posts is between 600-700 characters. A well-structured and concise post is key to grab your audience’s attention.

A successful LinkedIn company page in 2023 requires consistency, relevancy, and active engagement. Using the aforementioned tips, you can optimise your LinkedIn strategy and increase your reach.

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