Using Twitter Polls for Your Business

What are Twitter Polls? One of Social Media’s biggest platforms just released its latest update of allowing for customers to choose between ideas or options.  This function enables for any topic to be quickly surveyed and its features are still in the process of growth. As an owner, perhaps you may be wondering about how to use Twitter polls and … Read More

Drive Business Growth using Social Media

Social Media as a Tool for Small and Medium Enterprises Because of recent economic drawbacks in the United Kingdom, many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) find themselves lacking  business opportunities.Many business tools have been developed to ensure a company’s success — One such tool is social media. Social media is actually a very good method to drive business growth. Embracing the Digital … Read More

Social media skills

Social Media Skills for Leadership     Social Media offers a lot of opportunity for any business.  It is an ideal platform to connect to the customers and improve your branding by using the most recent and targeted promotion, a reactive customer support. That is why social media in leadership communication should be an essential part of the organisation as this form … Read More

The 6 Steps to Facebook Professional Marketing for the Local Business

Those people who maintain a business page of their local company on Facebook have only one thing on their mind; to reach a wider set of audience.  Recently Facebook launched a new feature that will index the local business, product and services that will surely provide assistance to the entrepreneurs in reaching out to the consumers.  It will also help … Read More