On Your Search for Business Mentoring Essex

  As you go out into the challenging world of the workforce, how do you make sure you’re on the right track? Every once in a while, it would be good to hear out some advice from trusted mentors and coaches. In looking up Business Coaching Essex, here are some differences you can consider between coaches and mentors:   Coaches … Read More

Pension Law changes-Auto Enrolment

Everything You Need to Know about Auto Enrolment UK Pension Law has changed. Business owners are now required to automatically enrol certain members of their workforce into a small business pension scheme. Auto-enrolment has been introduced to ensure people will have a sufficient fund when they retire. The employer is now required by law to comply with the new scheme … Read More

What Should I do if My Domain Name is already taken

If the domain name you want for yourself is registered to another business that also has a good claim to use it, then your only option is to find another domain name. But if it is a case of passing off, then the domain law is in your favour. Passing off is when a competitor registers a domain name that … Read More

Must-Try Additions and Changes to Google Plus

Social Media Marketing practitioners have seen a couple of fun changes, which users can explore on GooglePlus. Users can particularly explore the Communities and Collections features.   The Communities feature on includes a group of users, which are bundled based from similar interests. Animal lovers, Clash of Clans fanatics, positive thinking followers and many other niches can now be found … Read More