On Your Search for Business Mentoring Essex

  As you go out into the challenging world of the workforce, how do you make sure you’re on the right track? Every once in a while, it would be good to hear out some advice from trusted mentors and coaches. In looking up Business Coaching Essex, here are some differences you can consider between coaches and mentors:   Coaches … Read More

Planning Your Business Exit?

One of the topics that directors and business owners always bring up during consultation sessions is how to plan their life after business. Like them, you might be suffering from three common issues when planning your business exit. These are:  Lack of alignment among directors; No exit goals or vision; and No business plan that will prepare the business for … Read More

change management in business; adapting through business coaching

When there’s a need to change management in business, employees are not the only ones who need to adapt. Adapting to change in business should also be done effectively especially by the management and even the business owners. If you are a business person and you feel frustrated about having to undergo a business change, know that you are not … Read More

The Key Difference between a Coach and a Manager

There are many managerial styles that supervisors can use when overseeing their subordinates and staff. Some people will tend to be more collaborative so that they appear to work alongside their people, solving problems, preventing future issues, meeting current needs and so on. Other people, however, will be somewhat more totalitarian, handing down pronouncements from above, and accepting no resistance … Read More