Combining small business and corporate experience with family values.

Zest City was founded by Scott Whitehead in the year 2000, with one goal; to help businesses get a better return on investment through the internet..

Our Awesome Team.

At Zest City, we been in web design and marketing for 19 years now; produced over 1,000 websites, project managed 100 larger projects and delivered courses for business owners and MBA Students across the UK.

We also manage websites for clients and social media; in-fact our social media marketing is an award winning service.

We also have more than 24 years experience in quality control and engineering; providing contract Quality services to the Automotive & Medical Device manufacture industries.

Services We Offer

Business Coaching

For our clients there are no lock-ins or expensive contract clauses, and we only work with clients when we can agree we are providing value. We serve the North of Essex including Braintree, Harlow, Stansted, Maldon, Witham and surrounding areas, but can look at businesses further abroad if there is a skills match for our skills. Where appropriate, we can recommend or refer in one of the 80+ and growing team of Business Coaches we work with.

Quality Assurance

We take our quality control seriously, and indeed have produced documents and manuals for manufacturing companies around the globe, auditing their systems, and ensuring better, more effective manufacturing systems are held in place, resulting in improved production speed, more effective ordering, and increased development times. This knowledge and expertise has been garnered the only way possible; experience.

Digital Design

Our Braintree Web Designers have been designing websites for businesses in Essex, London, Kent and beyond for over ten years. Zest City have been responsible for the website design and maintenance of a range of websites, from small brochure sites to large corporate sites and ecommerce stores. Websites can be a great business tool, and many of our clients are amazed by how improving their websites have transformed their business.


Online marketing has wide-ranging capabilities, and conducted as a wider marketing strategy, is much more comprehensive and more effective than by just adopting SEO for Google. (But yes we do and indeed excel at SEO for Google). The professional and experienced team at Zest City work with a wide spectrum of clients and advise and manage many online marketing projects.

Web Hosting

With 24 hour maintenance and the latest in security and website software, it's no wonder our UK web hosting service wins awards. Trusted by big corporations, small businesses and charities alike, our suite of plans ensures you get the right hosting service for your website.


After many years of constantly working in Digital Media, the programming team at Zest City work with code on a day to day basis, and are regularly asked to edit or manage code. We work with all the major programming languages and can work backwards from your problem to identify and implement the solution.

Years of Experience in Fields

Business Coaching and Consulting
3 Years
Quality Assurance Consulting
24 Years
Web Design & Ecommerce
19 Years
Online Marketing
19 Years
Web Hosting
19 Years
17 Years Programming

Awards and Accolades

  • 2019 Winner Best Online Marketing Company Essex – Technology Innovator Awards
  • CV Magazine Award Best for Mobile Marketing & Web Design 2018 – Southeast England
  • Award for Excellence in Online Marketing – Global Excellence 2018 TMT Magazine
  • UK Best in Business Website Design – Essex Award from CV Magazine’s 2018
  • 2018 AI Global Excellence Awards Outstanding Online Marketing Specialist – UK
  • 2018 AI Global Best Web Design & Online Marketing Consultancy – South East England
  • CV Magazine Winner Best Digital Marketing Agency 2017 – Essex
  • 2017 Best Website Design Consultancy – Essex, awarded by TMT Magazine
  • 2017 Excellence in Copywriting & Proofreading Services, awarded by TMT Magazine
  • 2017 Most Outstanding for Digital Media – Chelmsford, Awarded by AI Magazine
  • 2017 Outright Winner Best Business Coaching & Marketing Firm – UK & eBusiness Consultant of the Year – UK
  • 2017 Global CEO Excellence Best Web Design Business Leader 2017 – SE England
  • 2017 AI Global Awards Winner Leading Adviser of the Year, the UK
  • 2017 Acquisition International 2017 Global Excellence Awards Winner Best Web-Design
  • 2017 AI Excellence Awards Winner Global Excellence Awards for Best in Web-Design
  • 2017 Winner International Software and Cloud Services
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  • Winner 2016 Technology Award Best Web Marketing Services – South East
  • Finest Full Service E-Business Consultancy Firm 2016
    European Business Awards
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