After many years of constantly working in Digital Media, the programming team at Zest City work with code on a day to day basis, and are regularly asked to edit or manage code.

Examples of projects we have undertaken include:

  • Producing a programme that copied all the content from a static HTML website to integrate into a custom CMS system.
  • Creating a programme that runs a true lottery system with truly random results; all archived, checked and presented for analysis. The system even creates the cheques to present and the certificates to email to winners.
  • Making and publishing macros that go through CSV files to find duplicate entries and reformat double entries for analysis.
  • Writing and implementing a custom programme for a Drupal website to display content from right to left in Arabic for an Arabian client.
  • Implementing a custom system that integrates with website feeds and the shop point of sale system, ensuring that all products in the shop are on the site and vice versa, and as products are sold on or offline, the stock levels are changed as a result.

We work with all the major programming languages and can work backwards from your problem to identify and implement the solution.

Whether it’s a case of tidying someone else’s code up, or performing a complete re-write, we are happy to conduct a free review in order to assess the requirement.

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To arrange a review of your project, please contact Scott at the details below.

Ask for Scott Whitehead on 0333 335 9378 | T 01376 343 336 | F 0845 202 9378 | E

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