Professional Copywriting and Proof Reading


Here at Zest City we fully appreciate that having a great design for your website is only part of the process of making a website effective and driving new business to you. The copy – the wording on the pages needs to be engaging, accurate, and targeted both to the audience, and also to search engines.

The process of getting the content right is a skill our team have refined over the years.

The first thing we do is discuss with our clients what the objective is for the copy we are writing, and the unique selling points (USPs) that the client needs to get across.

Some clients want their copy to engage new clients, for others it’s about educating existing customers about new services, or even about retaining loyalty.

Many clients have a range of objectives, and we can help write the copy in an effective manner to encourage a range of actions.

Our process includes researching the client’s market sector, analysing which key phrases re the most effective and specifically identifying competitors to get an overview.

Once we have the objective, and both an overview of the industry and the competition, we get to work writing the copy for the website pages, and present it for your review before imbedding on the website.

Our professional copywriting and proof reading services also cover other areas for our clients, inclusive of:

  • Brochures and sales literature
  • Company reports
  • Market analysis documents
  • Blogs
  • Articles for internet submission
  • Telemarketing scripts
  • E-mail marketing sequences
  • E-books, information products and white papers
  • CVs for professionals and graduates

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To see what we can do for you, feel free to contact Scott at the address below.

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