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Online marketing has wide-ranging capabilities, and conducted as a wider marketing strategy, is much more comprehensive and more effective than by just adopting SEO for Google.

(But yes we do and indeed excel at SEO for Google).

The professional and experienced team at Zest City work with a wide spectrum of clients and advise and manage many online marketing projects; including the following:

Social media campaigns: To write and publish tweets, blogs, articles and Facebook posts to increase reach and generate more followers. (One client is now up to 10,000 followers and counting)

Managing and optimising pay per click campaigns: To ensure a better return on investment. Pay per click is one of our favourite marketing media, if done right it can deliver explosive results…

Creating and publishing banner ads for marketing and re-marketing. Re-marketing is the hottest subject in online marketing at the moment, contact us to find out why

Email marketing. Do you have a customer list? Are you targeting and direct marketing to your customers? Do you have client opt-ins? How do you segment your lists? Did you know that email marketing on average produces £40 for every £1 invested? The team at Zest City can help with all of this, and often we can automate a lot of your marketing by integrating auto-responder systems.

Improving website display – to get more traffic converting on the website, we can work on the website design, display and layout to increase conversions. By reviewing your traffic statistics, and using specialist tools to analyse the traffic and results; we can make recommendations, test and measure the results.

Using social media sites like Facebook Ads and LinkedIn to find and market to specific people from target segments, such as employees of specific companies, decision makers in a specific geography and much more.

Integrating affiliate programmes and reseller plans to get more people selling your products and services online.

These are just some of the services we can offer to improve the online marketing for your business.

We are a Google Engage Agency, with dedicated AdWords phone support; online training and webinars.

We also have special offers and promotional offers courtesy of Google, Facebook and LinkedIn; that we can pass to you.

You can see examples of success in our online marketing by clicking here.

For more details and to discuss what we can do for you, we can be reached at the address below.

To arrange a review of your project, please contact Scott at the details below.

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