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With mobile devices set to overtake desktop usage as soon as 2015, the team at Zest City really take mobile marketing seriously. It is clear that with the mobile devices bringing in a lot more connectivity, Mobile Marketing is set to advance far beyond

Consider the fact that most mobile phone users always carry their mobile phones with them, they are usually switched on, and will almost always check and responding to a message. The recipient gets the message at the very moment it is sent. No other targeted marketing message gets such instant attention and, by going to a mobile phone, the message also feels very personal.

If you are unsure what mobile marketing refers to, there are a range of services that can be integrated into a marketing campaign that form mobile marketing.

These include:

  • Text / SMS text messaging
  • Mobile Web – Websites optimised to work well on a mobile phone. If you are unsure if your website is optimised for a mobile experience, click here to take a free review of your site.
  • Bluetooth Proximity Marketing
  • MMS (Multi Media Message Service)
  • Mobile Applications
  • Pay per Call
  • Mobile Banner Ads
  • Location Based Marketing
  • Voice Marketing
  • Mobile Games
  • Barcodes/QR Codes

The Zest City team can help create and manage a complete mobile marketing experience for your business, ensuring clients looking to find your details on their mobile phones to get the right experience at the right time.

Mobile is the biggest frontier and greatest opportunity for digital marketing at present, and, with so many companies not taking the opportunity seriously, there is a huge opportunity for you to get ahead of their game.

For a free review of your marketing model and to discuss how mobile marketing can be integrated into your business, contact Scott at the details below.

Scott is Director of Zest City, and lectures on Mobile Marketing and The Apps Economy for INSEEC, a London Private University. His book Mobile Marketing Money is now available to buy at Amazon.

To find out more and how we can be of service, ask for Scott Whitehead on 0333 335 9378 | T 01376 343 336 | F 0845 202 9378 | E

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