Your Ecommerce website could be working on your behalf; taking orders from customers locally, nationally or internationally; 24 hours a day; 7 days a week.

Zest City can design, develop and integrate full e-commerce platforms and shopping carts that will work effectively for your business, bringing business in, even when your business is not manned.

Our Braintree-based e-commerce team are able to fully build for you, an e-commerce solution that will not only look stunning, but will also deliver measurable results.

Our design interface is both easy to use and navigate, making it easier and faster for your customers to buy your products on-line, and instantly.

Zest City shopping cart features:-

  • Product Category Sections: You will be able to add and delete any products at any time of the day. So, for example, if you find that a product has gone out of stock, you can immediately remove it from the ecommerce website and replace it with a new product.
  • Pricing Structure: You will be able to change the price of any product as your discretion through our easy to administer e-commerce platform. This is a great way to move stock or products. If you feel that the price is too high all you have to do is go in and take the price down. The effect is immediate and it is very simple to perform.
  • Shipping Information: You will be able to change shipping and courier information at the press of a button, enabling you to customise this for international orders.
  • Product Description: There will be an area within the ecommerce product page for a detailed description of the product. You can have as much or as little content as you like but you will have the ability to write some ‘sales driven’ content that can really sell your product.
  • Email Order Notification: As soon as someone places an order through the e-commerce web site you will receive instant notification. Also, the customer placing the order will get an automatic email notification that they have placed an order, coupled with complete order details and other information.
  • Customer Database: Your new shopping cart will have a database that will record and remember customer information and customer details, making it easier for them to make a purchase. Customers will be able to view and modify their personal account details through an easy login area that is password protected.
  • Photo Zooming: You will be able to zoom in on a product image for those wanting to see more details on a product. This is great for products that are extremely detailed such as clothing material, watches, glasses etc.
  • Photo Thumbnails for Each Product: Have as many thumbnail images of the product as you like 5, 10 or even 20 – (it’s up to you); which can enlarge with a simple roll over mechanism. This is a great way to display the many positive features that a product may have.
  • Newsletter sign-up Area: Capture client information and email them product updates or specials whenever you like. This is an essential marketing feature and really keeps your customers loyal to your brand and site.
  • Product Selection By Brand: The Zest City e-commerce team can break the navigation down within the site allowing you to have many separate Brands. within your product list.
  • The Zest City e-commerce site works with all the major payment gateways: Our shopping cart sites work with PayPal, SagePay, WorldPay, ePay, ccAvenueGoogle Checkout, AlertPay and
  • Security & Encryption: We can offer SSL implementation and support, giving you the highest standard in online security.
  • Google Analytics: The ecommerce website will be fully integrated with Google Analytics so you will see geographically where the purchasers are coming from and to which site pages they are moving on to.
  • Mobile Friendly: We can design and build a mobile friendly site that works on all hand-held devices.

More than 73% of purchase are now made on-line and with a Zest City e-commerce site businesses have the ability to get their product to market instantly; not only on a national scale but a to a wider international audience. The new shop front for retailers is now an E-Commerce Website and this is your opportunity to fully embrace this new technology with the help of your friendly Zest City team.

You can watch the video below to see the ecommerce site setup as a demonstration.

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